We are an ARI (Academy Research Institute)

Currently Bioithas offers solutions for the development of clinical indications in nutritional supplements and probiotics with a common therapeutic target. Our field of action focuses on the study of the microbiota and the microbiome so that we advise raw material producers to ensure results in fields such as inflammatory and immunological systemic diseases. Our basic research model allows the development of biological products such as Probiotics Prebiotics and Symbiotics for the treatment of pathologies in the field of Systemic Inflammation, Neurology, Dermatology, Metabolism and Infectious Pathology.

Services we offer

Intervention studies in humans

We carried out preclinical studies and phase 2 and 3 clinical trials. Based on our experience, we interacted directly with our collaborators and clients to design the best strategy for the implementation of a clinical trial.

Our project planning team provides strategic solutions in the development of the study scheme, protocol design, definition of objectives and results, as well as coordination and execution.

With our extensive experience in clinical development, we are able to offer our clients an adequate allocation of resources, as well as innovative strategies and tools that transform commercial ideas into the development of research programs, resulting in more efficient studies that meet the needs of the clients and provide higher quality data to improve the success of the products and / or raw material to be validated in the studies proposed to the client and designed by our team.

Complete research solutions, as well as providing specific services to carry out tailor-made research programs.

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