Bioithas is the result of exhaustive and detailed research in Medicine and Biotechnology, starting from preclinical studies and analysis of results through to product protection by means of patents. The company also publishes in high impact scientific journals dedicated to this field.

The R+D department works to identify and analyze biotechnologically active components to include them as active ingredients in different products, such as food supplements, cosmetics, foods and medicines. The objective of all our work is to find active ingredients with high added value and unique properties for the final products in which they are going to be included. This work provides guaranteed innovation in each product developed and patented.


After development in R+D, each product is studied and validated through clinical trials to test and verify their effectiveness. The objectives of these clinical trials are the creation of technical documentation and the publication of results in journals of scientific relevance in this field.

The fact of technically documenting each of our products, creating specific technical dossiers, helps us to comply with the corresponding regulations of each specialty. Bioithas ensures with this process that access to the different international markets in which the products in question are going to be marketed is carried out in an appropriate manner, thus guaranteeing quick and efficient solutions to any problems that may arise.