Product co-development and retail

Although at Bioithas we already have our own probiotic products, developed from prior study of the gut microbiota and marketed under our own brand, we are still interested in the development of new products, formulations and finished products.

The innovation is one of our main priorities.

Our aim is to be able to offer other companies quality probiotic products which have been tested and endorsed in order to offer end customers specific formulations for particular cases.

For this reason, our R&D&I team is open to the development of new products and joint invention projects with other pharmaceutical or food industry companies (co-development), joining forces to create quality products based on constant scientific innovation.

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We want to work with you

What co-development services do we offer?

We will accompany you throughout the process. We provide you with these co-development services:


The possibility of incorporating our probiotic mixtures already endorsed and tested through our own trials into healthcare products that follow the same line of action as our developments.


The possibility of new developments in new therapeutic targets, in order to give more robustness to existing products of other companies, which require a quality contribution through the incorporation of our products.

A preliminary phase to study the stability of the co-developed product, ensuring its useful life and the viability of the strains included in the possible new developments.


we accompany the client throughout the process of marketing and commercialisation of the product, advising the commercial departments on the properties of the probiotic and its application. 


We also offer the possibility of specific training to ensure a successful product launch.

Other services

Retail services

Another of the services we offer is the possibility of designing mixtures and formulations with probiotics, as well as finished products, for other companies and the exploitation under their own commercial brand (retail) in order to develop products with specific clinical indications based on our previous scientific experience.

We take care of everything from product development to completion, as well as the relevant notifications for placing these products on the market.

If you are a company in the sector and are interested in any of these options, please contact our team directly.

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