One year ago we were notice in the Frontpage of one of the most prestigous journals on food supplements edited in USA. The most efective blend of probiotics against Atopic Dermatitis was published in JAMA Deramtology. 12 month latter the final product is avaible in the pharmacy of some countries along the world (Spain, France, Belgium, Chile among others).

And next month the Research Director on Bioithas and main investigator of thenew clinical trial, Dr. Vicente Navarro, will attend as speaker 18 meeting. During the presentation, results of the new probiotic in another imflammatory skin disease will be presented with details to dermatologis in 9 cyties of Spain showing the results of a new pilot study that demonstrate the effectiveness of another probitic patented by Bioithas and recently licenced in 5 Countries along the world. More information on the timetable of this meetings will be soon avaible….