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How to choose a good Probiotic?

elegir probióticos

In today’s market we can find numerous nutritional supplements based on probiotics, but… what should we look at to make a good choice? 

Probiotic strains with proven clinical indications. The strains used must be tested and proven in clinical trials and have demonstrated scientific evidence of their operation.

Selected probiotic strains. A large number of different probiotic strains is not always synonymous with greater benefit. It is more important that the strains have been specifically selected.

Total content of microorganisms. The total amount of microorganisms it includes must be assessed: it must contain at least 10 ^ 9 colony forming units (CFU).

Absence of allergens. The label must declare the relevant content for patients with intolerance problems of some kind. For example, the gluten and / or lactose content.

By following these tips, you are sure to be right with your choice.

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