Bioithas researchers lead this new work that links the intestinal microbiota with Psoriasis.

The research team has been led by Dr. Vicente Navarro, Director of the Bioithas research center (parc cientific d’Alacant), of the Chair of Human Microbiota of the UCAM of Murcia and of the Infectious Diseases Unit of the Vinalopó University Hospital from Elche.

Together with several researchers from these centers, others from various universities and research centers such as Fisabio, the University of Valencia and the Miguel Hernández de Elche University have participated. This pioneering work in the world is the first publication that demonstrates in a clinical trial the efficacy of a probiotic mixture with specific strains selected for the treatment of psoriasis.

The results of this study that has led researchers almost four years of work and that has had the participation of the Aesthetic Dermatological Center of Alicante where the 90 patients of the study were evaluated, confirm the suspicion of the named gut-cutaneous axis as a factor determinant in the origin of the psorasis.

It is the first study that confirms the effect on a new therapeutic target, in this case the microbiota, modified by a new treatment such as specific and specific probiotic strains studied for this disease. It opens a door to the hope of being able to treat psoriasis patients with a treatment free of side effects and with an economic impact on the healthcare system and the user far inferior to current treatments.

Link to the magazine:…/abst…/10.2340/00015555-3305