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At Bioithas, we conducted a pilot study with adolescent and adult patients with mild to moderate acne to evaluate the efficacy of a probiotic preparation with the addition of spirulina cyanobacteria as an alternative treatment for this dermatological pathology.

The aim of this pilot study was to evaluate the response to this probiotic treatment in two groups of patients, one group prescribed the treatment and the other prescribed the probiotic, in order to carry out a trial that was robust and as objective as possible.

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Acne is a dermatological disease caused by chronic inflammation of the pilosebaceous units, resulting in hypersecretion of sebum and abnormal proliferation of keratinocytes, leading to colonisation by pathogens and an increased inflammatory response.


Approximately 85-95% of adolescents and young adults suffer from acne at some point in their lives, making it the eighth most prevalent disease in the world. Although it is not a serious condition, its impact on people's appearance and social life is often very high.

Treatment for acne varies depending on its severity. Topical retinoids and antibiotic therapy are used as a first line of treatment in mild and moderate cases. In cases of severe acne, treatment is based on the use of systemic retinoids, but these have a large number of side effects.


The clinical trial, designed as a double-blind, randomised and placebo-controlled trial, included 25 acne patients, evenly distributed in two treatment groups (probiotic and placebo).

Patients took one capsule per day for 12 weeks of the probiotic preparation with spirulina or of the placebo, depending on whether they were assigned to one or the other treatment group.


The promising results of the pilot clinical trial led to a patent for the use of this mixture as an adjuvant treatment for acne.

In addition, we are currently conducting a new clinical trial with a larger number of patients in order to corroborate the results observed in the first study and to add to the scientific evidence supporting the product. The study has been licensed to a multinational company to exploit the product in various international territories.



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