BIOITHAS was set up as a collaboration among professionals with a wide range of experience in different areas of the food supplement and biotech fields. The first of these are professionals from a university teaching and research background covering microbiota and immunoregulation. The second group are from pharmaceutical company with years of experience in the manufacture of high quality food supplements and pharmaceutical products.

The work and research carried out by the team at BIOITHAS includes clinical studies in atopic dermatitis, Psoriasis, acné vulgaris, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine, fatty liver, oncology biomarkers and resistance to antibiotics.These trials are complemented by the work of a group of professionals from the pharmaceutical and food supplement industry. Consequently, the expertise brought together means that BIOITHAS is capable of both research and industrial development, covering every phase of the project, from the preclinical or clinical studies, research, development, innovation through to management of patents and scientific-based licenses. The union of skills brought together in BIOITHAS has created genuine versatility.

BIOITHAS research is directed at obtaining unique biotechnological results, generating projects with real value, helping the company to achieve its ultimate aim of working towards scientific results that will improve people’s lives and health.

The company is dedicated to translating research results into development and registration of patents, several of which are already in place. This activity is carried on by the associated Company Bionou ResearchThe activity at Bionou Research, the commercial trade mark participated by Bioithas,  is the final step of the R@D work, with the negotiation and management of licenses, patents and other health registries for direct exploitation or by third parties with prior license to them. These industrial services are offered to companies in the pharmaceutical, food supplement, cosmetics and food sectors.

Our studies and work revolve mainly around the microbial flora or intestinal microbiota. The modern study techniques that we have in Bioithas, have brought us closer to understanding the large number of bacteria that are not cultivable, and to understand the relationship between the microorganisms that inhabit our intestinal tract and our homeostasis. Part of this knowledge is the result of Bioithas’s powerful data analysis department (Big Data), who have been analyzing the microbiota and its relationship with the main groups and research in microbiome data analysis worldwide. Our microbiota is essential for healthy growth, the development of immunity and nutrition.

The development of our products is based on:

  • An extensive bibliographical search.

  • Clinical studies for the purpose of registering a patent.

  • Managing the license of the product developed with pharmaceutical companies.